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Photos 2
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Another photo inside the barn/doghouse
Apollo the Rottie hanging out on the barn/doghouse balcony.
Horse stalls
Vagabond hanging out with Tex the Beagle before he passed away of Prostate cancer that same day.
Shooter the one eyed horse.  Gentle as can be.  We put small children on him and he's great with them!
Jingles.  Beautiful Paint Mare
Went to the vet and while waiting a woman came in to put down 15 year old April.  She was the owner's caretaker.  The heirs wanted April put down.  The woman was happy to let us bring her home.  April lived 3 more yrs and died of Congestive heart failure.
Growler, Duke, Colver and Otto play Roll the Barrel.
Playing in the snow.
We're done playing now!!!