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Ellie Mae.  Adoptable.  Sweet little girl.  Wants to stay by your side all of the time.  She would make a terrific pet!
T-Bone.  Front and center.  Adoptable.  Recovering from Demodex.  Friendly hound.
Juice is not quite ready for adoption.  Severely abused dog.  Does not trust even though he wants to stay with you all of the time.  If you or someone you know has experience with abused dogs and can help with training please call us!
Rowdy left.  Flash right. Permanent residents.  Rowdy came from the Suffolk Animal Control.  Flash was a thrown away hound and was heartworm positive.
Dasher, Spotty, and Belle are permanent residents.  All were thrown away dogs dumped "in the country".
Big Bear was dumped in our pasture along with Sweet Pea.  They are best friends and permanent residents.
Sweet Pea was dumped in our pasture with Big Bear.  Big sweet girl.
Carolina was a thrown away dog.  High strung.  Permanent resident
Pailn is a thrown away pet.  Permanent resident.  She was emaciated and is doing great!
Squeeky is another thrown away pet "in the country".  People are just amazing aren't they?  Beautiful and friendly.  Permanent resident
We purchased Kong from a homeless drug addict.  He's a good boy with people though not other animal friendly.  Permanent resident.
Tucker (right) was on found "in the country" chewing on a rotting dear carcass.  He was starving and was full of parasites.  Permanent resident.
Snuggles was ran over twice by her own owner and never taken to the vet for her vaccinations much less the injuries she suffers.  She's doing great except for a slight limp.  Permanent resident.
Mama the Pit was found along with Eagle.  Permanent resident.
This is a neglected Rottie that was living in this tiny cage in a Norfolk backyard.  We kept calling animal control on these people until the dog was taken away.  Lived with black water, was fed only trash in trash bags, and feces were never cleaned up.  Sad case.
Ghost (old dude) was brought to us by a family whose children found him.  He had hundreds of fleas and missing lots of hair.  We didn't think he would survive long, but he fooled us and is doing really well.
This dog lived outside chained to this house that didn't even have an opening large enough to get inside.  I went by daily and provided food and water.  Animal control could do nothing because shelter had been provided.  Laws need to change...
Tex was a thrown away dog.  He was heartworm positive.  He was treated and then a year later he passed away of Prostate cancer.
This is Colver.  He is the oldest fellow here at 18.  He's almost totally blind but a happier dog could not be found.  He is a permanent resident.
Harley.  He only weighed 60 lbs when we found him starving and digging in the trash.  He had hundreds of ticks and was heartworm positive.  Allmost lost him during heartworm treatment.  He is now a healthy 100 lbs.
Duke at left had a sever case of chronic Demodex.  It took 3 years of treatment to take care of this fellow.  Buddy on right was found on the side of the road unable to stand.  Rushed to Vet where he was given treatment for starvation and kidney failure.  We tried to save him and he did not make it.
Gomer.  Gomer was put over our front yard fence in the middle of the night.  He suffers from seizures and takes medication 3 times each day in order to keep them under control.  Cute isn't he?
Stitches on left.  She was laying on the side of the road so matted she was hardly able to move.  She was heartworm positive.  We had her shaved and treated for heartworms.  She is another one we lost to cancer recently.
Joel came from a group called ashelterfriend.org that do their best to get death row dogs adopted.  Joel was a death row dog.  The shelter was going to start putting down dogs eldest first.  Joel is approximately 12 years old.
Rebel on right was found as a tiny kitten by a resaraunt dumpster.  Elliott on left is 19 years old.  His owner had to give him up because she had a baby and the husband demanded that the cat go.
Juno is another cat given up due to the birth of a baby.  I don't think it's right that an animal is given up so quickly.  You just have to adjust....
Red came to us because his owner passed away and the family did not want to care for him.  They were from out of town.
Longstreet in front was a stray hit by a car.  Her bowel was hanging out.  A little boy was in the road trying to prevent any other cars from hitting her.  What a wonderful thing for a little boy to do.  We took her to the emergency vet and she is doing great!  Smokey in back.
Jett is a thrown away dog.  He was hanging out on one of our board members porch for a while.  He is very affectionate and friendly with other dogs.  He is adoptable for someone that wants this special guy.
Xena the boxer was left behind by a tenant.  She was leaving her behind for the landlord to deal with.  Who knows how long that would have taken.  She has had hip surgery after being hit by a car.
This American Bulldog was living on a street close by.  We called animal control because no shelter was provided.  You can see what the owners came up with.  They moved and left him for almost a week.  We fed him and was going to pick him up when the owners sent someone.  Hope he is o.k.
Flash a a thrown away hunting dog.  He was heartworm positive.  Hounds make great family pets.  Sweet as he can be.
Kaya is a 13 year old three legged Rottie.  Her front leg was broken, became infected and had to be amputated.
This racoon was sitting in a tree outside our fence line watching all of the dog activity.
Duke sitting on Growler, Ressee, and Otto the mini Daschund hanging out.  Growler recently passed away from liver cancer.
This is the barn/doghouse.  Twenty something dogs live inside with a television, heat/air, etc....  The other twenty dogs live inside the main house.
Inside the barn/doghouse
Lucky.  Is definitely not adoptable.  Not animal or people friendly.  Was a stray running down Indian River Road in Virginia Beach.
Betsy had been hit by a car and was hiding in a neighbor's shed.  We were called and she now lives with us.
Eagle and Mama were found on the side of a busy county road.  They were almost hit by a tractor trailer.  Friendly Pitbull.  Permanent residents
Another photo of Carolina and Squeaky
Mama insisting on a ride on the lawn mower.