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About Us

We started the Abused and Thrown Away Pet Sanctuary in 2010 after picking up many thrown away and abused pets off of the streets.

Our goal is to provide a safe home, food, medical care, and love for abused, neglected and thrown away pets.

We have quite a few permanent residents here and we also have animals that can be adopted out to a permanent family.

There are two of us running our sanctuary at this time and can always use a hand with clean up, training, grooming, etc....  We can also use some help with donations for medical costs, food, treats, blankets, etc.....  In the future, we would like to expand to take in even more animals in need of help.

Check out our photo pages to see pictures of all of the animals we are caring for.

Give us a call if you have any questions about what we do or would like more information on any of the animals you see on our site.

Thank You for Visiting!

We are a non-profit organization.  Your donations are tax deductible.