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Abused and Thrown Away Pet Sanctuary
We rescue animals that have been abused, dumped, emaciated, sick, elderly, etc.... 
We are located in rural Suffolk, VA and have taken in and cared for many unwanted, thrown away and abused pets.  It is unbelievable to see the inhumane treatment these animals have received.

A pet should be loved and treated like a member of the family.  Not left alone in the back yard, not gotten "rid" of because they get old and/or sick, not dropped off in the "country", they should not be neclected or abused, etc....  I could go on and on about the horrors some animals face in their too short lives.

Take a look through our website.  There are photos of the animals we have living here at our property.  Some of these animals are permanent residents and some are now or will be available for adtoption.

Contact us if you have any questions, would like to donate, or would like to help in some way.